This blog is a diary, black book, scrapbook and journal of sorts. The connecting thread? Sex.

What you're going to find is an ever-evolving menage of stories, wholly true, some inspired by true life events, some recounted from swapped stories, and some just a figment.  The only caveat is, they'll never be explicitly separated as either of the four.

Archives, Snapshots

Snapshots - These vignettes are just that, vignettes.  The purpose is to capture a particular moment in time that stood out fairly vividly. Because of that they are normally relatively short and are written very spur of the moment.

Archives - These pieces are mostly a reflection. Either they have been stories I've been mulling over for quite a bit or they are guys that I've archived, it's likely that these pieces will sort of entwine multiple sessions or just be a lot more involved with the players as there was more time spent either conceptualizing or getting to know them.

header image is obviously not me but is instead two pornstars. Jesse Santana, the riding bottom, is one of my faves if not my fave.

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