Monday, January 13, 2014

Blowing a Pint

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Married? There was no way, he was a child! A child with one of the largest pieces I've ever seen and an aggression that I thankfully wasn't fully privy to, but a child.

Those were the thoughts rushing through my mind as I hopped down the four stories of his walk-up.  It had taken four hours - which was decidedly a long time for me - but it happened.  To be quite honest, I'm not sure why I continued to message him for all that time.  Maybe it was his boldness: Sometimes I like dom'ing and getting rough; Wanna come blow me and eat me?; I want you to swallow me. Or maybe it was a game: he seemed put off at first by the fact that I wouldn't trade face pictures but pushed through the conversation anyway.

No matter what it was, a full four hours after he chatted me with my then recently updated "Not vers but have something for bottoms and the right tops" description I found myself staring down into the face of what looked like a prepubescent boy. And it took mere seconds for me to decide that somewhere along the line I'd made a mistake that I had to rectify.

Hey buddy, you're not what I expected. I don't know if this is going to work out.

It caught in my throat as he rubbed against his low-calf grazing gym shorts and what I thought was a heavy wrinkle was revealed for what it actually was... I couldn't leave.

Another rub; jump. Take off your shirt. I'm normally pretty skittish about losing my own wardrobe but even with my necklace, hair and glasses, the shirt was gone in seconds and I found myself sinking: to my knees, down his shaft, with my hands lightly on his waist until I heard an unexpected sigh from the smallest person possibly carrying the largest penis I'd ever seen in my life.


He was surprisingly open.  Those small, slightly yellow cupcakes of his were meaty and perky, and spread as he bent at the waist in his hallway - did I forget to mention we'd never left there - and I dove in to find a surprisingly open hole for the "TOTAL TOP" persona that the pint-sized boy's profile claimed.

And though open holes, moaners and lithe bodies eager to be rimmed so much that they push back onto me, only beckon for a condom shielded load, I kept my composure and only rimmed him.  And only minutes later he rewarded me with a load of his own.

A glass of water and small chat later, I saw the ring. Nevermind though, hopefully I'll be back for a closer look.