Sunday, August 11, 2013


I never thought he'd actually come, and if he did he wasn't going to be hot. There was no way.

He was from Craigslist - the land of notorious flakes, picture collectors and 5-year out-of-date photos. I was completely prepared for him to never show up and I was sort of okay with that because to be honest, deep down I really knew why I'd even responded to his posting. It was simple no matter how much I wanted to avoid the issue.

But the point is he showed up. Took the train to my stop and texted me when he got off.

I'm coming up to your block, which number?

Thankfully I'd already showered and cleaned the room just in case. But in my room? It was a first.


I sent a flurry of texts and headed down the steps. There was a thought, a feeling that should have been cropping up but it wasn't there. I didn't see anyone through the glass door. Well there was a feeling; different but a feeling.

I opened the door just in case and there he was. Tanned, short brown hair. Average, all-American looking. Slightly hooded eyes. He was there and then he was moving towards me. Not away but towards. The text had read: If you don't like what you see feel free to just walk away. He was goingin  the wrong direction.

The feeling - the second one as opposed to the first - was relief.

"Do you want the..." I was ushering to my computer and turned to see that he was coming out of his shirt. He nodded. If you're interested just take off your shirt when we get inside, won't be so awkward if we're both getting undressed. It was my suggestion.

Polo briefs. It couldn't be made up, an all-American in polo briefs. He probably played lacrosse at one point, or better yet baseball - nah, he hadn't the arms.

I was pistoning into him and I felt it, I know I should have stopped but... he honestly didn't mean enough to me. I felt my muscles clench and then there was the familiar double time of my hips. I was looking at the curve of his back when it happened, which is common of me. It was a good one, his back. Not defined but still good.

As I pistoned, that arch increased. His shoulder blades went down, his face was buried. No, he wasn't humping back onto me but it was clear he wanted to give me more. His hips and globes greedily inching in my direction. And then it was over, me still pistoning away.


After the second time - my head dipping down periodically as he moaned back into me to nibble at his tanned shoulder - I hopped up from the twin bed.

"I've never had anyone over here," three condoms in the trash bag. "Want some water?" He was still laying on the bed as he answered.

"Yeah." In the kitchen, I drank a glass before refilling it for him. He'd just sucked my cock, I'm sure he wouldn't mind drinking after me. When I got back to the room he was in the jeans. Dark blue, slightly distressed - I didn't get a chance to check but I wouldn't have been surprised had they been Holister.

Small talk, and then he was out of the door. As I gave him directions that first feeling came back and hit me in the stomach. Guilt. Fuck