Friday, April 25, 2014


I'm not the most verbose person.

So sitting on that couch, sipping the glass he'd went to fetch me after confirming that his engaged temporary roommates from Rome were indeed headed out, I'd already made the decision that the next time he walked past me I was going to grab his knee.

On instinct I grabbed the leading thigh. Nothing too rough, just enough to stop him. The quick glance up that I gave him pushed him to unzip his own pants and lose his shirt. The flaccid cock now revealed was a little disappointing.

It took only a few minutes to realize that this truly wasn't what I was here for.  My eyes darted from his pubes to the partially billowing makeshift curtains he had closed to partition off the room from prying Roman eyes as he sighed appreciatively above me at work; there was the possibility that I was slightly distracted.

There was a laugh and then the door swung closed. We were alone.


It was true, I hadn't been brought uptown to Washington Heights to talk about his restaurant job, his singing ability nor suck his cock; he wanted to get fucked. That fact was abundantly clear as he moaned and arched his 6' 3" frame, kneeling on his chocolate colored couch, his meaty ass driving into my hips.

I rotated said hips, eliciting a moan, swung them like a pendulum, bent at the knees for a small squat and then raised up on my toes, feeling around and getting his reaction.  It was the swing and drive that did it.

With my hands resting on the supple but untanned curve of his ass, I pulled my cock out to the left side, letting his ass lips feel me dragging inch by inch, leaving him until he was gripping me by the tip only. When I came back in, it was at a faster clip, but rounding the same arc before pulling out to the other side; a full semi-circle. The moans and whimpers were a constant and his cock was rock hard.

For a second I hammered from one side at an angle for a few quick pumps before arching back out to the other side.

"Fuck yeah dude," I pulled out at his words. His head snapped around and his hand reached for a self-conscious check. He opened his mouth to speak and I gently guided him from the couch to his knees on his air mattress, legs wide.  When we fumbled as I positioned his body how I wanted it he started to speak again.

"Wait, what do you --" I spit onto my hand rubbed a bit on his hole and pushed all the way in. The rest of his question he put off for moans and the occasional "fuck" as I held onto his lower back and slammed into his ass from tip to root, his hole gaping between each thrust.  I watched his shoulders flex as his hands turned to fists, but the occasional reach between his legs confirmed that he was still rock hard.

When I paused for a second to allow things to settle, he pushed his ass up into me, moving from the arched position with his legs wide apart that I had him in to more of a table top. I straightened my upper half, now in a squatting position and began slow strokes of my cock into his pliable ass. A reach around was rewarded with a handful of pre-cum.

When I upped the speed a little, changing the angle, he moaned. "Dude, I'm going to cum! Is that ok? Can I come?" I didn't answer but continued to plow at the same angle.

"I promise I'll cum again, I promise!" His weight shifted a bit as he picked a hand up. About a minute later he was pushing back and clamping down on me, shooting a load of seed onto his bed. "Keep fucking" he yelled when I hesitated, and so I continued, finding myself popping past what seemed to be a wall I had encountered before.

"Yeah dude," he moaned, clearly coming down. I continued to fuck, my pace slowing until I started to pull out, still hard. "No, don't move bro. Just lay on top of me for a few minutes, I'll be ready to go in a minute or two."

And he was.

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  1. Beautiful. That is how I love to get fucked, too. If only you could or would. LoL