Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snapshot: You like that?

"Is that what you wanted Papi?" He's craning his neck around looking over one shoulder while the other is jammed into the back of the couch. "You like that?" My tongue digs in again and he lets out a string of Spanish, pushing his 5 foot 6, tight, carmel frame onto my face.

We had chatted for an hour. Long enough for me to hear the affected qualities of his voice, long enough for him to tell me about life across the river in the Bronx and long enough for me to mentally debate the merits of whether or not this hook-up was going to happen. Right on this very couch, we sat, sipped waters from our respective clear glasses and wasted an entire hour.  And then...

"So you going to fuck me, or what?" And so now, as I was slapping the head of my dick on his spit-slicked hole and he reached back, opening his cheeks even more for me, I cursed both of us for pointless conversation.

His hips rotated when my head hit his pucker. "You like that shit, papi?" he asked. I pushed a little bit and he kept rotating. It took a few seconds before I realized I'd slid a few inches past his sphincter. It was my turn to sigh.

"I told you if you eat me good, I'd open up for you," and open he was. I watched him hoola-hoop his hips back for a few more inches before grabbing onto the back of the chair and driving his hips back to meet mine. "Aw fuck, you got a nice dick papi." A few words in Spanish.

I held his hips in place and leaned forward to nibble on his neck.  His moans were met by the slow rock of his own hips. When I lifted my head to let out a long hiss - he was rocking through my entire length now, rowing both of us through the smooth waters to climax as he drug his smooth ass from base to tip of my oar - he looked back, into my eyes. "You gonna fuck that shit, papi?"

**The title syntax comes from Bruce Chang's Another Cheatin' Top blog. **